Monthly Archives: October 2010

YouthVoice Now Integrated With Gmail

 YouthVoice is now integrated with Gmail. We are providing email ids comprising of domain name as youthvoice to selected persons only. Those key persons are selected by our editor by performance basis. The more is your contribution to our organisation more is the chance. If you get an email id from our organisation then it will seem something like this manner “”. Now question arises why this email id is so important. It reflects: 

  • You are a key person of our organisation.
  • You possess a good contribution to the organisation.
  • You will get invitation to our special events and functions.
  • You will be included in our special editorial team.

Remember one thing good posts and new ideas always attracts others.

Folder With No Name and No Icon

Have you ever heard about a folder with no name and no icon? It’s possible to make folder with no name and no icon.


  • Right click where you want to create the folder then create new folder
  • press “delete” button and erase the folder name “new folder” and then press ” Alt+255″ and then hit enter. The result is shown in fig-1
  • Right click on the folder and the navigate to¬†properties, then customize then change icon
  • Then navigate to right you will find an icon as shown in fig-2. Select it and then click ok.
  • Thats all the folder with no name and no icon is created. The result is shown in fig-3.

If you change the attributes to super-hidden then your folder is really hidden from everybody but you. You can keep your secrets there. If you want to learn how to make a folder super-hidden then click here.