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This category is all about computer security, the threat to it and how to keep your computer safe from it.

Folder With No Name and No Icon

Have you ever heard about a folder with no name and no icon? It’s possible to make folder with no name and no icon.


  • Right click where you want to create the folder then create new folder
  • press “delete” button and erase the folder name “new folder” and then press ” Alt+255″ and then hit enter. The result is shown in fig-1
  • Right click on the folder and the navigate to properties, then customize then change icon
  • Then navigate to right you will find an icon as shown in fig-2. Select it and then click ok.
  • Thats all the folder with no name and no icon is created. The result is shown in fig-3.

If you change the attributes to super-hidden then your folder is really hidden from everybody but you. You can keep your secrets there. If you want to learn how to make a folder super-hidden then click here.

How To Change The Attribute of A Superhidden File

Before starting any thing I would like to introduce the super-hidden attribute of a folder/file. It is other wise known as system attribute. This means you can not view these files/folders in normal mode even if you enable the option to view hidden files/folders.

Folder Option

Un-Hiding Protected Files

You can view these files/folders by un-checking the box “hide protected operating system files” which is not recommended by Microsoft and then selecting the radio button against “show hidden files and folders” as shown in the figure left side. You can find these options by following the path My computer -> go to any drive let c:\ -> Tools -> Folder Option


1. Protect Your Private Folder/Files

Make your own folder with protected/system/super-hidden attribute and keep your files securely from un-wanted visitors.

You can do this by following steps.

  • Create New Folder with desired name e.g “praty”.
  • Go to command prompt.
  • Then type ( I have assumed that the folder “praty” is created in D:\) “attrib +s +h D:\praty
  • That’s all. Your secret folder with super-hidden attributes is created. Keep your secret files and folders within it.

2. Security From Virus Attack

You can secure your computer from pen-drive virus by properly applying this concept.

  • Whenever you insert your pen-drive into your computer/laptop don’t access it right that time.
  • First Go to command prompt and navigate to your pen-drive.
  • Type “dir /a” without double quotes. It will show you all the files and folders present in that directory i.e your pen-drive root directory. If your pen-drive is infected with any type of virus most probably you will find a file named “autorun.inf” in the root directory of your pen-drive. So when you typed and hit enter  you will find a file named “autorun.inf” in the list of files and folder.
  • Then type autorun.inf and hit enter. It will open the file in notepad. It is the script to execute/inject the virus into your computer. If you find any suspicious commands or unknown file names like “open=myfolder/myfile.exe” then most probably these are virus locations. The open command above is nothing but actually present in the autorun file located in my virus infected pen-drive. In the above command “myfolder” was the super-hidden folder which contained the virus file “myfile.exe”
  • If you want to disinfect your pen-drive manually then  delete the “autorun.inf” in command mode or replace with a fake file named “autorun.inf”. Then delete the virus file. One point to be marked here is I have told to first deal with the autorun.inf file then the virus file. It is because if things go wrong by any means then some problem may arise. So first we will cut the link to the virus file and the “autorun.inf” file is nothing but the link.

Total Computer Security From Antivirus and Malwares

Now a days securing your computer/laptop has became a very important issue. You find your computer behaving in an abnormal way. You find your computer running very slow even crashes repeatedly. Your internet connection slows down but increasing your daily usage bandwidth. All these are the symptoms of virus or malware attack.

Worst thing happens when you don’t see any such symptom. Yes if you have an internet connection and you don’t possess a good antivirus then you are at top level of security threat. For instance, you pay your bill, do shopping online, you check your mail.  You think your system is running ok but the thing is you are getting tracked, you lost your privacy, your credit card no, your email password, your computer information, your computer data all are being tracked.

There something call MALWARES which track your personal information and send them to some pre-specified person. Malwares are categorised as spyware, adware, rootkit, trojan horses, worms, crimewares etc. These malwares are more dangerous then viruses as the symptoms are very hard to detect without any anti-malware programme. I am not elaborating much on them right now. For more details clik here.

So the thing is what should we do so as to protect our computer from these stupid things. There are a lot of softwares available in the market which can be used to protect our computer. For instance Norton Security Suit, Kaspersky Internet security, McAfee Security Suit, Bit Defender Internet Security etc. But all of them are very expensive. Though trial/ free versions are also available but they don’t provide total security. i.e  security from virus, malwares, un-wanted programms, illegal intrusions, hacking etc.

But we can use more than one software to protect our computer. To secure our computer totally we need good anti-virus program, good anti-malware program with a good firewall program(strictly required to secure from illegal intrusions and hackers). Now I am going to tell you a good combination of available softwares which are free and also with competitive quality. I am also using them in my laptop for more than one year. And till now I am completely satisfied with them.

For anti-virus: You can choose one from Avast Free Antivirus or Avira Antivir Personal. Both are excellent. The current version of Avast is 5.0 which is completely free. The strong point of Avast is it provides safe internet surfing. i.e while surfing the web if you come across some unsafe website then it immediately informs you about the site and stops accessing it. If you really want to continue to surf that webpage then you may continue by disabling the web-shield protection. And the strong point of Avira Antivir is it’s very fast. You can say it is fastest to load, to search and the most important thing is it detects each and every virus that is known till date. Though Avira takes little more time to update it’s virus database but if the database is up to date then no virus can hide in your computer. Out of these two I would prefer Avira Antivir.

For Malware: Malwarebyte, spybot and spyware doctor are well known anti-malwares available in market. Malwarebyte is ratted more point as compared to others in Cnet Download. But I prefer spyware Doctor.

For firewall: If you are using Microsoft Vista or Windows 7 operating system then the default firewall is good. Though Windows XP service pack-2 and Servicepack-3 also provides firewall but they are not upto mark. There are a lot other good firewalls available in market but the most secured and the award winning firewall is Comodo Firewall. Just install in the default settings and you got the best firewall. If you are an advanced user then you can also customize the settings.

If you don’t want to install all these 3 softwares then Comodo Internet Sucurity Suit is the answer. But combining the 3 softwares your system becomes totally secured.

Please don’t forget to give your feedback below. If you follow the above idea and encounter any type of problem then please inform us here.