Voice of Supplier

Voice of Supplier

Voice of Supplier

‘Voice of Customer’ is a very important aspect of increasing customer satisfaction index. Similarly, ‘Voice of Supplier’ is also an important aspect to optimize various parameters in the supply chain. Most of the organizations are dependent, though the level varies, on their suppliers to produce quality products/services at lower cost. I would say, in some domains like OEM, Medical device, Retail, the dependency is on n-tier suppliers too.

I have already mentioned in one of my previous post how supply chain collaboration can help your organization. The more you collaborate with your suppliers, the better procurement KPIs you have. Organization can consider supplier’s feedback to improvise product design, process improvement, cost reduction, quality improvement etc. And all these will lead to better customer satisfaction and revenue.

Suppliers may enlighten a totally different aspect as they are also doing business with other customers. Your suppliers may possess a wealth of knowledge which can be leveraged in an organized manner. It doesn’t matter how big/small is your supplier, important is what extent do you collaborate with your supplier to capture their input.

There are various ways to capture the ‘voice of supplier’ for your organization e.g Events, Awards, surveys online/offline, feedback during shipment etc. The feedback should be captured regularly, quarterly/annually so that proper business benefits can be derived from these inputs.


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Machines Replacing Humans in workplaces

There are debates going on the possibility of machines replacing humans inside workplaces. Some say ‘it’s not possible’, some say ‘yes but not in near future’.

I came across a tweet which demonstrates how AI can impact the human workforce requirement.

Is AI bad side of technology or not – it’s a different topic to discuss. The point is AI can definitely bring so many benefits for us.

Difference between APO and SNC


APO Functionalities

Generally both are part of SAP’s SCM box but can be implemented independently.

APO is used for advanced planning of demand(generally finished goods, though other material planning is quite possible), supply (various manufacturing plants to various DCs, Inter DCs, Various DCs to customer location, plants to customer locations etc), detailed production planning and scheduling, ATP checking at whole enterprise level , Truck load planning etc. APO is generally used for big enterprises having multiple plants, multiple DCs, a number of suppliers and customers etc.

SNC Functionalities

SNC Functionalities

You can view APO as a planning tool(demand forecast to production and some level of distribution) whereas SNC is a both planning(small extent) & execution tool mainly used for collaboration perspective (with external business partners such as Suppliers <-> Plants <-> customers and Plants<->external manufacturers).

Both tools have different objectives, they work very differently and both are required for enterprises to increase their KPIs in supply chain.