Monthly Archives: February 2011

New Domain Of YouthVoice

I am glad to announce that YouthVoice has bought it’s long waited domain name i.e. Earlier could be accessed at Now it can also be accessed at The older Indian Geo-domain .CO.IN is getting replaced by the new geo-domain .IN. The YouthVoice people communicated that they will take special care about their potential users in shifting their sites to new server, if they want. This is again showing the user-first attitude of YOUTHVOICE.

Problem With Looks & Themes

I always face problem with looks and themes while designing. Best webpage designers keep in mind following things.

  • Easy usage, easy access of necessary data.
  • Light weight design for faster loading of web pages.
  • Looks and themes.
  • Readability

I am good at first two things, but while coming to the looks an themes which plays a vital role, there is a scarcity of intelligence/common sense. Picking the right combination of color is the main criteria for a good looks. I don’t know how to develop this skill. I am looking for someone who will guide me in this regard.

My Current Problem

I am designing a website I have googled and found a pretty good theme. I have modified the theme according to my need. Now the problem is how to develop it’s looks? I have to keep in mind following things

  1. There should be minimum usage of image.
  2. Primary colors to be used are orange,green and white.
  3. A background image can be used but it should be a very very light-weighted.

My current view of my site is



I want improvement in readability, color selection and design improvement. Well suggestions are greatly desirable. I am waiting for your suggestions.