Buddypress Plugin To Show Global Searchbar At Adminbar

Today I am very happy. I tried a lot to display the global search bar, added in buddypress 1.2 version, in the right-hand corner of the admin bar since couple of days. Today at evening I came across a website which showed me the way to write a simple wordpress plugin. I put my hands on the keyboard and after some key hits the plugin became ready. This is my first plugin I wrote for my own project. It’s so cool to write a plugin which can be used for some specific job. The most important is the core files of buddy-press are not affected at all.

This is my first plugin for buddypress. Though the target to achieve was not very complex, but it gave me some confidence. Now I can think of some more plugins which will be useful for me for my other projects also.

Well I have not made the plugin public till now. I will make a package and then upload it to buddypress.org. I will also compile a tutorial on ‘How to use it with buddypress’.

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