Folder With No Name and No Icon

Have you ever heard about a folder with no name and no icon? It’s possible to make folder with no name and no icon.


  • Right click where you want to create the folder then create new folder
  • press “delete” button and erase the folder name “new folder” and then press ” Alt+255″ and then hit enter. The result is shown in fig-1
  • Right click on the folder and the navigate to¬†properties, then customize then change icon
  • Then navigate to right you will find an icon as shown in fig-2. Select it and then click ok.
  • Thats all the folder with no name and no icon is created. The result is shown in fig-3.

If you change the attributes to super-hidden then your folder is really hidden from everybody but you. You can keep your secrets there. If you want to learn how to make a folder super-hidden then click here.

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