INR 1500 Computer From India

Rs. 1500 Tablet PC

Mr. Kapil Sibal unveiling Rs. 1500 Tablet PC

Honourable Human Resource minister of India unveiled the cheapest computer for few days earlier. It’s a tablet PC type, looks like ipad.

It’s mainly targeted to students. Some years ago Massachusetts Institute of Technology had unveiled the cheapest tablet PC, XO-3, with the non-profitable target of producing 90,000 of such PCs in One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) programme. The XO-3 PC has an effective cost of $100 per PC after subsidy from government. But this India’s PC, still un-named, has an assumed cost of only $30 i.e INR 1500 without subsidy from govt. The government has also mentioned to provide 50% subsidy to reduce the cost to Rs.750. This PC is developed by the combined research of IIT Kanpur, IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai, IIT Kharagpur and Indian Institute of Science, Begalore. The developers also informed that the efforts are also advancing to reduce the cost to $20.

Technical Specifications

  1. Operating System: Open Source Linux
  2. Hard Disk: No hard drive. But supports memory card.
  3. RAM: 2 GB.
  4. USB: Un-specified, Most probably 4
  5. Screen type: Touch Screen Type
  6. Charging Option: Direct AC adaptor, Solar Charge Cells.
  7. Software Bundles: Web browser, Media Player,Video Conference, PDF file search and viewer, Wi-Fi enabled. The most important is the Open Office Org support.

It is anticipated that this un-named yet so popular product will hit market at early 2011.

The IITs and IIS has played the most important role in developing such a brilliant product. The Indian Government initiated a wonderful plan for bringing a PC to every student. But the time can only say about the success of the planning. The govt. have to play the major role for realisation of the target.

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