Problem With Looks & Themes

I always face problem with looks and themes while designing. Best webpage designers keep in mind following things.

  • Easy usage, easy access of necessary data.
  • Light weight design for faster loading of web pages.
  • Looks and themes.
  • Readability

I am good at first two things, but while coming to the looks an themes which plays a vital role, there is a scarcity of intelligence/common sense. Picking the right combination of color is the main criteria for a good looks. I don’t know how to develop this skill. I am looking for someone who will guide me in this regard.

My Current Problem

I am designing a website I have googled and found a pretty good theme. I have modified the theme according to my need. Now the problem is how to develop it’s looks? I have to keep in mind following things

  1. There should be minimum usage of image.
  2. Primary colors to be used are orange,green and white.
  3. A background image can be used but it should be a very very light-weighted.

My current view of my site is



I want improvement in readability, color selection and design improvement. Well suggestions are greatly desirable. I am waiting for your suggestions.

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