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Newtab as a BlankTab in Mozilla Firefox

If you are a regular user of Mozilla for browsing then you must have noticed that whenever you open a new tab then the default Mozilla tab appears having url http://www.google.cm/firefox appears.

I feel this annoying. In recent versions of firefox it’s bit difficult to set the new tab as blank. But you can do this by changing the config file associated with Mozilla. The steps are described as below:

Step-1: Enter in url field “about:config” without quotes.


Step-2: Click on “I’ll be careful” button and then enter “browser.newtab.url” without double quotes in the search field.


Step-3: double click on the value column and then input “about:blank” without quotes.


Step-4: Now press ‘OK’. That’s it now test by opening a newtab.

If it helps you or you need any help then please mention in the comment section.

How To Install Flashplayer In Firefox Without Installing

There are two ways to install flashplayer in Mozilla Firefox. Either directly from Adobe Site or get the files required to run flash on your browser and copy them to required directory.

Installing Flashplayer From Adobe

Click on This Link then you will be re-directed to adobe site. Just goon clicking next to install. In between these steps you will be asked to agree with adobe’s terms and conditions. You need to agree with it to proceed further.

Installing Flashplayer Without Installing

Click Here and you will be asked to save a zip file. Save this zip file to your desktop. This zip file contains two files named

  • flashplayer.xpt
  • NPSWF32.dll

Now extract them to your firefox plugins directory. In general the plugin directory is located at “C:/program files/mozilla firefox/plugins”.

Now restart your browser and type “about:plugins” in the url. You will get a page like

Now visit to your favorite video site and enjoy your favorite video.