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Buddypress Plugin To Show Global Searchbar At Adminbar

Today I am very happy. I tried a lot to display the global search bar, added in buddypress 1.2 version, in the right-hand corner of the admin bar since couple of days. Today at evening I came across a website which showed me the way to write a simple wordpress plugin. I put my hands on the keyboard and after some key hits the plugin became ready. This is my first plugin I wrote for my own project. It’s so cool to write a plugin which can be used for some specific job. The most important is the core files of buddy-press are not affected at all.

This is my first plugin for buddypress. Though the target to achieve was not very complex, but it gave me some confidence. Now I can think of some more plugins which will be useful for me for my other projects also.

Well I have not made the plugin public till now. I will make a package and then upload it to buddypress.org. I will also compile a tutorial on ‘How to use it with buddypress’.

YouthVoice In New Look

I have introduced social networking in Youthvoice. It’s working really well. I like the flexibility it provides. All the scripts are written in php. So it’s helping me to modify,if necessary, easily. The most important thing is I am getting a lot of help from the open sources. One can use his/her avatars, mantain profiles, make groups and discuss a lot of things with others having same/related interests. The most important thing is s/he can write blogs. Currently it features multiple blogs. Literally it’s awsome. Hope it’s voice will be loud when it’ll be launched.

YouthVoice Now Integrated With Gmail

 YouthVoice is now integrated with Gmail. We are providing email ids comprising of domain name as youthvoice to selected persons only. Those key persons are selected by our editor by performance basis. The more is your contribution to our organisation more is the chance. If you get an email id from our organisation then it will seem something like this manner “yourname@youthvoice.co.in”. Now question arises why this email id is so important. It reflects: 

  • You are a key person of our organisation.
  • You possess a good contribution to the organisation.
  • You will get invitation to our special events and functions.
  • You will be included in our special editorial team.

Remember one thing good posts and new ideas always attracts others.